Fighting the “Long Defeat”

Six months into my life at Ayder, it was time to test what this department could really do. For 6 months we drilled the importance of pre-rounding, rounding, persistent patient care and most importantly, accountability. We have created a dependable, efficient and safe team. As a team, we can figure almost anything out, triage any … Continue reading Fighting the “Long Defeat”

I use animals to help me reflect on life.

Hi everyone! It has been a very long time since my last post. Thank you all for the support after my last post! I’m alive, well, and enjoying life still. We have a lot of medicine to catch up on:  Amina (our hyena-bite laryngectomy) is being discharged, we completed our first laryngectomy, have done 3 … Continue reading I use animals to help me reflect on life.