Fighting the “Long Defeat”

Six months into my life at Ayder, it was time to test what this department could really do. For 6 months we drilled the importance of pre-rounding, rounding, persistent patient care and most importantly, accountability. We have created a dependable, efficient and safe team. As a team, we can figure almost anything out, triage any … Continue reading Fighting the “Long Defeat”

I use animals to help me reflect on life.

Hi everyone! It has been a very long time since my last post. Thank you all for the support after my last post! I’m alive, well, and enjoying life still. We have a lot of medicine to catch up on:  Amina (our hyena-bite laryngectomy) is being discharged, we completed our first laryngectomy, have done 3 … Continue reading I use animals to help me reflect on life.

Bad Dancing and Airway In Bahar Dar

Let's take a second to talk about a really amazing opportunity and experience I had this weekend in a town called Bahar Dar. This small city situated on the intersection of the Blue Nile river and Lake Tana (largest lake in Ethiopia) happens to be the hometown of Yilkal (the head of the department here). … Continue reading Bad Dancing and Airway In Bahar Dar